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Daniel Mulushet -  The Alley's first athlete who is also a great athlete, excelling in the 10,000m and cross country. Daniel coaches kids in Or Yehuda - a small town near Tel Aviv.

Ester Gabriel - 19 year old. Ester is one of Israel's best triple jump and decathlete. She has been guiding a small group of young female sprinters and jumpers.


Shmuel Abuay - 21 year old. Shmuel is one of the most promising long distance runners in Israel. Coaching young kids at several schools in Tel Aviv.

Misganew Masale - 20 year old. Misaganew is a relatively new comer to the team. He has a great potential in competitive running but also a great character for working with youth. He has restarted our group of young distance runners in Jaffa. 

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