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Social Change

A meaningful social transfomation occurs among the team members, as well as among outsiders who engage in social interaction with them. Their social class within the athletic framework becomes transperent and their social status in the community improves tremendously. In addition, their strong commitment to the team and athletics improves their academic abilities and keeps them away from indecent activity.

Latest International Achievements

A dozen of our athletes have become international competitors who have represented the state of Israel and our club in several championships. In 2019 our club junior team was 3rd in the European cross country championship. In 2019 Adisu Guade, one of our first athletes has become the European champion U18 in the 3000M.

Personal Development

An emphasis is laid upon on academic and behavioural improvement. We believe in the power of athletic success and hard work to pay off in other aspects of life. All of our athletes have become better students, better people and for many athletics has offered new opportunities and experiences in life. 

Athletic Excellence
Phenomenal Framework

During the last 7 years we have become Israel's largest real athletics club. During that time the athletes have trained together almost on a daily basis, they have traveled together to practice, training camps and track meets, and have become one big family. The incredible commitment and partnership among the members of the team turn every individual success into a common success shared by all members of the team.  


Many of our athletes have become Israel's elite in their age group. More than a dozen team members have represented Israel and and our club in the European and World championship. Our club was ranked 3rd and 6th at the 2019 European club cross country championship for Junior and Senior respectively.

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