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Jamal AbdelMajid

Jamal AbdelMajid was born in Darfur in 1996, escaped at 2010 and joined the Alley runners about 5 years ago. He holds a personal best of 28:47 for the 10,000 meters and 13:54 for the 5,000m. He was selected to represent the World's refugee team in the 2019 Doha world championship. 

Adisu Guade

Adisu Guade was born in Ethiopia in 2002 and made Aliya to Israel when he was 3 year old. He grew up in Jaffa and joined the Alley Runners at the age of 11. Adisu has achieved many things in the sports; among his many achievements he is the European Champion in the 3000 meters U18, and holds various records for his age group. 


Godadaw Belachew

גודדו 2.jpg
Godadaw joined the project 6 months ago. His devotion, presistence and great talent have helped him to become a member of the Israeli junior team and one of the best middle distance runners around. Currently, Godadaw is attending Yeshivat Hesder in Yerucham in the south. He's excpected to represent the national team in the upcoming international championships. 

Rahel Gebretzadik

Rahel is the top junior middle distance runner in Israel and an outstanding student in Bialik Rogozin high school. She has qualified to the world youth championship last year in the 800 meters and has a great prospect to become the top female runner in Israel. Rahel has just recieved an athletic scholarship from an American univesrsity for next year.


Amar is one of the top middle distance runners in Israel. He was born in Eritrea, fled to Israel on his own when he was 15 year old and finished high school in Nitzana boarding school (Tikun Olam). He is fulent in 5 languages and has a bright future ahead of him. 



Rose is our top Hudler. She's a 12th grader at Ort Singalovski high school and coached by Yochai Halevi. Rose is ranked 1st among Israel's juniors and she still has lots of room for improvement. Her P.Bs are 15.26 for the 100M Hurdles and 13.15 for 100M dash. She has been practicing for less than 2 years. 
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